butter face...

I recently had to walk out of a very dysfunctional relationship. After 3 years of waking up day after day feeling unhealthy both mentally and physically, I had to call it quits. My relationship with alcohol had become very different than it was when we were introduced. Instead of casual glasses of wine out with friends or a cocktail here and there at home, booze became a way for me to cope with the stress of my environment. It helped that my "husband" (I will use that term very loosely) had a deep seeded relationship with alcohol- and we enabled each other. Keeping me buzzed was much easier than dealing with the issues at hand. I can't blame him at all for drinking the pain away, luckily I got to walk away from it.

The last few months have been a total game changer for me. I no longer have to take his recommended anti-inflammatory dose of Advil every morning, in fact, I haven't taken one since I left the house. I sleep like a baby, I wake up rested, my skin glows, and above all... I feel happy. I will date booze again, and we will go out occasionally, sleep together and flirt a bit - but my relationship with it will never be what it was.

Being the product lover I am, I wanted to do a internal cleanse that made sense for my lifestyle. I generally don't like cleansing, I feel like most cleanses are too restrictive on foods, and lead me to crave and then overeat when I'm finished. I happened upon Dirty Lemon Detox on my insta account and was immediately intrigued. Not only is their packaging and platform spot on, but it's a cleanse for real people who eat real food. The ingredients in Dirty Lemon actually work better when absorbed by food. Rejoice!

I generally eat whole and healthy food, with an occasional carne burrito. I smile when I see butter and I usually need 3 cups of coffee with cream (hold the sugar) to get me fired up in the morning. I'm not about to starve myself or drink 10 bottles of juice a day. I have been impressed by Dirty Lemon Detox so far. I am on day 4 today and my body feels good. I experienced a slight breakout on my face from eliminating some toxins, but other than that - just more energy and less of a bloated feeling. I love that I can do this cleanse anytime for a boost and that it targets my liver and kidney function. I'll be keeping a case of this elixir on hand at all times.

The color of Dirty Lemon is just that... like dirty lemon water. It tastes just like unsweetened lemonade, even my picky 9 year old digs it. The color is like dishwater, so I suggest keeping it in the well designed and decorated bottle. This cleanse is perfect for non-committers, food lovers and boozehounds. Bottoms up!


Crazy Eyes

In the last few years I have noticed more than ever that my eyes and the soft tissue around them are showing some living. I have been fortunate to age gently and to have a ridiculous obsession with skin products and my regiment. Call me high maintenance, but like most of us, my genes need some help. Since birth... I have never skipped a day of lotion, I thank my Mom for this.

The two closest friends a girl should have are water and sunscreen. Dehydrated skin is a mess! Rob your skin by either too little water, too much coffee, too much alcohol, too little sleep... it loses it's plump, plump and dewy skin is healthy skin. The tissue around our eyes is the most susceptible to this crime, skip a couple days of ample water and moisture... then watch the crepe settle in.

Here are my best tools for crepe combat... Rule number one is DO NOT RUB. As hard as it is to refrain from shimmying the crust out of each eyelash in the morning- leave it alone. Touching and agitating this skin only speeds up the nightmare. Use a great micellar cleanser in the morning, so you can gently wipe everything off your eyes and face that has settled during sleep. Secondly, use an eye cream two times a day. You can use either a day eye cream and a night eye cream, or just use a universal product like I do.

These are my favorite eye products in VERY particular order...

1. Kate Somerville CytoCell Eye. This eye serum is nothing short of magnificent. Silky and lovely- targeting dark circles and puffiness. You can use this day and night.

2. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream. This cream is like a warm dip on a cool dry day. Super hydrating and cozy. Hypo- Allergenic and safe for most sensitive eyes. Hydration is key folks... this eye cream delivers.

3. IT Cosmetics CC+ Eye. This concealer with spf 50 is everything you need and more. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, E. Peptides, collagen, paraben and sulfate free, natural essential oils. Not often do I find a hydrating concealer with sunscreen that is suitable for people with sensitivities, IT Cosmetics never disappoints.

“There are brown eyes in the world, after all, as well as blue, and one pair of brown that meant heaven to me as the blue had never done”
E. Nesbit




I probably should have made a run for it when I found him contacting the young co-worker that he bragged about banging on his office desk at his company Christmas party (wife downstairs), during a week trip to Palm Desert- just weeks after we married. The red flags couldn't have been any bigger or brighter. They were waved before me from day one - but guess who was up for the challenge? Bingo!

2.5 years after we tied the knot, I finally figured out that I couldn't fix it. I was headed down the path of the ones before me, who had still clung on with desperation looking for answers and wondering how they could have done things differently - driving themselves mad. After weeks of beating myself up over a second divorce, I have finally come to feel fortunate that it was only 2.5 years and not 10 - and that we decided not to bring a child into this world. We got a really cool dog instead of a baby together (that I would have had to raise alone) and I ended up with the cool dog.

No matter how you slice it, starting over is hard. Whether by death, divorce, bankruptcy or relocation - beginning from step one is a bitch. The self-doubt and fear I have experienced since filing for this divorce is the worst I've ever experienced. There has never been a more important time for me to lean on my family and my closest friends to feel support and love. Although the weight on my shoulders was lifted the moment I walked away and left a cold and empty house behind, the pit in my stomach took much longer to shrink.

Kitchen Dance Party is about enjoying our lives, blooming and growing where we are planted, treating ourselves and others with respect, loyalty and love. Here is to 2016 being an amazing and healthy year. Let's get our groove on.